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Suitable for all animal species


HUMAC® Natur AFM is an organic-mineral animal feed material with high content of humic acids and more than 80 different types of trace elements. It is a 100% natural animal supplement with high biological and physiological activity! Naturally supports your animal’s healthy digestion, immune system, and pH balance.


The product is certified GMP+, which ensures the implementation and maintenance of the feed safety management system, including good manufacturing practices.


  • 100 % natural substance
  • Boosts the natural cleansing and detoxification of the body
  • Supplies the organism with essential macro, micro, and trace elements
  • Provides natural support for a healthy immune system



EXPIRATION DATE: 2 years from the production date listed on the packaging when maintaining proper storage conditions.


Store in a dry place in sealed packaging.

The formula is non-toxic to animals and humans; there is no risk of overdose.

Animal Supplement HUMAC® NATUR AFM 3kg

SKU: 0003
  • Dosage is determined by the type of animal or weight of the animal’s feed.



    Beef cattle /matured /: 100– 150g/ day per pc or 3-5kg / ton feed

    Calves: 20- 40g/ day per pc/ into milk, water

    Pigs: 5g/ 1kg feed

    Piglets: 5g/ 1kg feed

    Poultry: 4-7g/ 1kg feed

    Sheep, goats: 5-10g/ 1kg feed

    Rabbits: 5-10g/1kg feed

    Horses, donkeys: 5-10g/1kg feed

    Herd treatment: 0.5-1kg /100kg feed

    Onto litter: 0.25kg/ m2


    Game animals

    0.5-1kg/ 100kg feed


    Can be used with all types of feed. The powder formula is easily mixed with feed

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