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Liquid feed material made from Leonardite with high content of humic acids with high efficacy. It is a 100% natural substance with high biological activity, supplementing the animal organism with important minerals and trace elements in chelated form, readily available for uptake by the animals organism.


Its application is recommended especially for calves by adding it into milk or water. However, the formula can be used with other animal species using liquid feed.


EXPIRATION DATE: 2 years from the production date listed on the packaging when maintaining proper storage conditions.


Store in a dry place at temperatures of -10 °C to +40 °C.


The formula is non-toxic to animals and humans; there is no risk of overdose.

Animal Supplement HUMAC® NATUR AFM Liquid 5L

SKU: 0020
  • Calves: 10-50ml / pc / day

    Sheep, Goats: 20-40ml / pc / day

    Horses: 50ml / pc / day

    Weaning Pigs: 10-20ml / pc / day

    Dogs, Cats: 1-5ml / pc / day

    Poultry: 1L / 300L of Water

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