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Let´s talk about LEONARDITE as the main secret ingredient to all HUMAC solutions.

So What it is?

✅Leonardite is a humified ancient organic matter from the EOCENE era formed roughly 35

million years ago

✅Leonardite is the raw material with the highest percentage of humic acids (humus). This

brownish-black powder is a substance produced by the natural humification of ancient plant-

derived materials.

✅Leonardite is a valuable source of more than 90 naturally occurring macro, micronutrients,

and trace elements. They are extremely important for the proper functioning of the nervous

system and the overall harmony of the body. You may find various humic acid-based products on the market, however, the manufacturing process is completely different from ours.

❓Why HUMAC® products are different from others❓

✅HUMAC® has developed its own unique purely mechanical manufacturing process of

humic acids-based products from one of the richest sources of Leonardite.

❌HUMAC® does not use any hydroxides NaOH or KOH nor any other chemicals throughout the entire manufacturing process as is the conventional norm in the preparation of humic acids products.

✅Instead, the company has developed its own so-called activation process of the raw

material which not only preserves the natural molecular structure of humic acids as nature

has intended but in a highly reactive form when applied.

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HUMAC Supplements team

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