Dual activation & higher purity over the regular Natur AFM formula.


Exclusive range of HUMAC Natur products for horses and foals made from Leonardite with high content of activated humic acids for prophylactic applications. The product is dual activated and microbiologically controlled for high purity.


HUMAC® Natur AFM EQUINE product is a 100% natural substance, a brown-black powder with high biological effectiveness. It is produced by activating the mineraloid Leonardite without additives, for horses with high purity. It is added in specified amounts to compound feeds of foals and horses.


  • 100 % natural substance
  • Detoxification of exogenous and endogenous poisons, heavy metals and toxins ingested in animal feed
  • Stabilization of the intestinal microflora, activation of metabolism
  • Support the immune system, influences the condition and appearance of animals, reduce stress and improve overall well-being of animals
  • Provides proper nutrition for the horse by supplementing it with minerals and trace elements in chelated bonds


The product is certified GMP+, which ensures the implementation and maintenance of the feed safety management system, including good manufacturing practices.


EXPIRATION DATE: 2 years from the production date listed on the packaging when maintaining proper storage conditions.


Store in a dry place in sealed packaging.

The formula is non-toxic to animals and humans; there is no risk of overdose.


SKU: 0011
  • Foals: 30-50g/ day

    Horses: 100g/ day