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Better immunity and quality of the animal products

Image by Marek Piwnicki

Our humic acid based products have been scientifically tested in numerous trials and have shown to improve feed conversion, reduce mortality, address various health disorders (especially those originating in the digestive system) and maintain overall productive animal health. In addition to scientific trials, our customers, whether larger cattle farms or small animal keepers, attest to the benefits provided for their establishments.

The HUMAC® Natur AFM line of products consists of feed materials intended for a wide range of species that will help you optimize your animal husbandry establishment and minimize unwanted health and quality issues among your stock.

Additionally, HUMAC® Natur AFM product line has expanded to encompass household pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits and exotic birds among others. The same effective product offered in smaller packaging for maintenance of your pets health and well-being.

Based on years of research and practical applications, the standard recommended dosage of our Natur AFM product line is around 0.3 to 0.5% per 1 kg of feed with slight variations depending on animal species and productive parameters has been proven effective to provide the wide range of health benefits.




Results of HUMAC® Natur AFM application

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