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Suitable for all animal species


HUMAC® Natur AFM is an organic-mineral animal feed material with high content of humic acids and more than 80 different types of trace elements. It is a 100% natural animal supplement with high biological and physiological activity! Naturally supports your animal’s healthy digestion, immune system, and pH balance.


The product is certified GMP+, which ensures the implementation and maintenance of the feed safety management system, including good manufacturing practices.


  • 100 % natural substance

  • Boosts the natural cleansing and detoxification of the body

  • Supplies the organism with essential macro, micro, and trace elements

  • Provides natural support for a healthy immune system



EXPIRATION DATE: 2 years from the production date listed on the packaging when maintaining proper storage conditions.


Store in a dry place in sealed packaging.

The formula is non-toxic to animals and humans; there is no risk of overdose.

Animal Supplement HUMAC® NATUR AFM 1000kg

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Dosage is determined by the type of animal or weight of the animal’s feed.



Beef cattle /matured /:  3-5kg / ton feed

Dairy cattle :  80g- 120g / per animal /per day

Calves: 20- 40g/ day per pc/ into milk, water

Pigs: 5g/ 1kg feed

Piglets: 5g/ 1kg feed

Poultry: 4-7g/ 1kg feed

Sheep, goats: 5-10g/ 1kg feed

Rabbits: 5-10g/1kg feed

Horses, donkeys: 5-10g/1kg feed

Herd treatment: 0.5-1kg /100kg feed

Onto litter: 0.25kg/ m2


Game animals

0.5-1kg/ 100kg feed


Can be used with all types of feed. The powder formula is easily mixed with feed


HUMAC Natur AFM contains high ratio of humic acids(minimum 65%). They have been discovered to have positive effects on improving animal health. They are known to be effective with numerous issues:

  • Digestive disorders like diarrhea or dyspepsia

  • Intoxications

  • General animal well-being

  • Help reduce the occurrence of inflammation, support immunity, activate the metabolism

  • Adjust the intestinal microflora

  • Avoid absorption of toxic substances, heavy metals, fungal and bacterial toxins, and other poisonous compounds from the digestive tract to the animal's organism.

  • Help detoxify the organism

  • Absorb viruses in the digestive tract

  • Supplement the organism with all necessary minerals, micro, macro, and trace elements which are easily absorbable by the organism


The preparations are mixed into the feed, which can be served immediately. In case of diarrhea, it is recommended to increase the preventive dose by 2-3 times for at least 5 days. Maintain application gap of at least 2 hours between HUMAC® products and administration of other veterinary drugs.

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